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Grassroots enthusiasm defines the efforts of the non-profit
Springfield Community Development Corporation

Nicole Nelson

“As a commercial lender, I understand how community development projects spur economic growth. As a mother and a Springfield resident, I want my son to have better access to healthy activities and sporting programs. The Springfield Indoor Track & Event House will achieve both of these objectives for our community, that is why I chose to invest my time and resources in this project.”

Kari Westlund

“The Springfield Indoor Track & Event Center will help residents of all ages pursue a healthier life and participate in tournaments close to home while also promoting the economy by attracting events and building a positive reputation. It cements our reputation as Track Town, USA, year-round.”

Jim Christian

“The local track community has been a part of my life since I was young. Attending events at Hayward field, running through my years in Springfield schools, and watching my three boys during their years in track. Bringing an indoor track to Springfield would complete our “Track Town” facilities. I’m still involved in the track community through volunteering at track meets at Hayward and running with a local club. I will be thrilled to see the new indoor facility come to fruition and be a resource for our community.”

Vonnie Mikkelsen

“The significant unmet demand for indoor sports and events space in our region points to unrealized economic gains. As importantly, as a former collegiate athlete I know that sports builds healthy bodies and strong minds, and teaches lifelong social and leadership skills. The Springfield Indoor Track & Event Center brings these essential components of quality of life and place together, while solidifying our position of strength in the sports and health destination economy.”

Greg James

“As a multi-generational native Springfield citizen and a long term Willamalane Board member, I know the important role that sports & recreation play in supporting a healthy, vibrant community. I’m also very aware of the significant standing we hold locally as the track capital of the world and the limited access athletes have to a true indoor track anywhere I the state. Having an indoor facility that meets all of these needs while also serving as a catalyst to economic development in the Glenwood area is a legacy project that I am extremely supportive of.”

Michael Reilly

“Track and field is often described as a sport for everyone. It offers opportunities for boys and girls, men and women, from the youngest to the oldest among us. It caters to no specific body type. Regardless of who you are, you can find a home in track and field. That is how I feel about this project. Whether your interest is in health and wellness, expanded event capacity, additional opportunities for sports and recreational programming, or increased economic activity, this multi-use facility will deliver. Through sound public and private investment, we can create a year-round home for everyone in our community”

Sean VanGordon
Nancy Newton

“I’ve enjoyed playing and watching sports throughout my life. Studies have shown that students physical and mental health are improved by sports. Playing sports provides valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and determination. Having a best-in-class sport and event center in Springfield would enhance the physical and economic wellbeing of our community, while bringing people to our city to experience what makes Springfield special.”

Michael Wargo

“For over 75 years, Willamalane has provided exceptional parks, recreation, and athletic opportunities to the community. This project will enable us to expand the kinds of activities we can offer and will enhance our thriving community. As Willamalane’s Superintendent, this project represents the vision of what our district is striving for and will help promote healthy and active life-styles for our community’s future. Myself and my team are committed to the incredible resurgence of Glenwood and Springfield, and this project directly supports our vision for the future.”

Joe Berney

“Both Pat Farr and I have long supported the ability to hold large indoor track meets in Lane County. Our county has a tradition of developing national championship teams and outstanding athletes. It would be wonderful for local youth to see world class athletes at their doorstep to encourage their aspirations or simply appreciate. We are encouraged by steps putting us in closer proximity to having such a facility in Lane County.”

Pat Farr